Pre-Conception Cleansing

Detox Before Giving Birth

Are you thinking of becoming pregnant in the near future? For all of my female patients planning to get pregnant, I always recommend some type of detoxification program before conceiving to lessen the toxic load on both mom and baby.

In today’s world, we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals on a daily basis. Some of these chemicals can be easily excreted (note: if your body does well at detoxing-we’ll get into this in a future post) but there are other chemicals that stay in your body for years. Think about when your baby is developing, do you want them to be exposed to chronic loads of heavy metals, pesticides and toxins that are inside your body? No! Our number one goal is protecting them from harm so by reducing your toxic load ahead of time you will be ahead of the game!

There are many types of therapies I use with my patients when putting them detoxes but I thought I’d share some basic methods you could start right away!

Basic Detox Methods:

  • Eat ORGANIC foods! Non-organic foods are filled with pesticides and unwanted chemicals that will just add to your toxic burden.
  • Check on (Environmental Working Group) to see what chemicals are present in any of your beauty products or cleaning products. Don’t be fooled by the words “natural cleaner” because they can still contain unwanted chemicals.
  • Make sure you are drinking CLEAN water (check your water source for impurities:
  • Make sure you are breathing CLEAN air (consider HEPA air purifiers in your house or bedroom)
  • SWEAT each day! Whether it’s working out or taking a sauna!
  • Begin taking a Pre-Natal vitamin that is right for you
  • Talk to your Doctor about considering other supplements that support detoxification including herbal regimens, amino acids and key vitamins

In health,

Dr. Nicole

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