My experience with Jade Rolling & Gua Sha facials!

I’m sure you may have seen the latest craze which includes jade or rose quartz rollers or oblong oval plates  known as Gua Sha that are claimed to be used as mini facials by many beauty bloggers. Well I decided to give these products a try and wanted to share with you the top changes I’ve seen in my face as well as going deeper into the physiological changes that are happening underneath the skin. 
I’ve been consistently using my rose quartz roller for 3 months and just over the past month integrated my rose quartz Gua Sha facial tools. My interest sparked when I learned how these tools were used and the connection to our energy meridians as originating from Chinese Medicine. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I was trained in acupuncture and really appreciate the effectiveness of this modality. After researching Gua Sha specifically, I’ve come across a handful of scientific studies that show the benefit of this therapy. Gua Sha is a well-known technique used across the entire body but I have only used it on my face so far!  Over the past 3 months, I’ve definitely noticed positive changes in my face both through appearance and texture. My top three observations were:

  1. Decreased overall puffiness 
  2. Smoother and firmer skin 
  3. Reduced dark circles under my eyes 

Not only are these techniques like a mini-facial but they also are like a mini-detox for your face which is what I absolutely love. With the pressure and motions of both the Gua Sha tools and the roller you are helping to move lymph which helps to carry away toxins. 
The lymphatic system is part of the vascular system and an important part of the immune system comprising a large network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph directionally towards the heart.  The lymph system picks up waste from all the cells and through an intricate series of processes, breaks them down and arranges for their elimination from the body. Pretty cool, right?
There are millions of lymph nodes throughout our body, some as small as the head of a pin and others the size of a lima bean. These lymph nodes guard the passage into the body against the intrusion of destructive substances.  Placed end to end, our lymph systems would circle the globe four times! 
There are many lymph nodes throughout the face and neck and when we are correctly massaging them with our tools, you are helping to draw out toxins that are collected in the lymph fluid and forcing them to move away from the face and eliminated from the body. Remember to use a serum or oil before you use eithertechnique, my favorite right now is CocoKind Chia Oil! Video on how to use your tools: Gua Sha: Quartz Rolling:
Stayed tuned next time to see my favorite ways of moving lymph throughout the body! 
In health, 
Dr. Nicole

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