Fighting Colds Without Antibiotics

After just getting over a nasty upper respiratory infection last week myself, I thought I’d share with you my top three remedies that got me through the week without antibiotics! This the season for colds, flus, coughs and much more so make sure to protect yourself by washing your hands throughout the day, especially at work. Also, you can carry around an anti-bacterial spray or liquid with you. My favorites are Young Living Thieves Hand Purifier and EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer. If you have children, make sure you’re boosting their little immune systems as well because they will be exposed to a lot of germs at school, gyms and classes and then pass them onto you! Ill be writing a piece next time on my favorite immune boosters for kids. 
My top 3 remedies (which actually can be done with children as well!):

  1. Cold Wet Socks: this is a simple hydrotherapy technique that is especially effective for relieving nasal congestion, especially at night time. It sounds crazy, I know, but I swear by it for my entire family. I had forgotten to do this the first few nights I was sick but once I added it in, I felt immediate effects on my nasal congestion! 
    1. You’ll need a pair of long cotton socks (that go up to your calf), long wool socks that can cover the length of the cotton socks, freezer, sweatpants 
    2. Run the cotton socks under cold water until they are drenched then ring them out and stick them in your freezer for 20 minutes or so. 
    3. Make sure your feet are warm, you can place them in warm bathtub or foot bath to warm them up and then dry them off. Try to do this step closer to when your cotton socks will be ready to ensure your feet stay warm. 
    4. Take the cotton socks out of the freezer and place them on your feet. 
    5. Take your dry wool socks and place them over the cotton socks and tuck your sweat pants in them. 
    6. Go to bed immediately and keep your feet covered through the night. 
    7. Take them off in the morning and take a deep breathe in!
  2. Elderberry Syrup: probably my favorite go-to for sore throats and upper respiratory infections during this time of year. It is a potent anti-microbial and soothing on your throat. It also tastes delicious so your little ones will love it! My favorite brand is Gaia Herbs! Usually taking this 2-3 times daily when you’re in the midst of being sick is the best. 
  3. Bone Broth: I find myself sipping on a lot of broth when I have a cold, especially bone broth. It contains several rich minerals that supports the immune system. One of the main proteins in bone broth is collagen which is super healing to the gut, a place that contains about 70% of our immune system! Homemade bone broth is always best but there are a few great brands out there including my favorite, Bonafide.

In health,

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